Applications by September 15, 2022!

Zdjęcie z warsztatów. Rezydencja Artystyczna Scena Nowe Sytuacje

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With pride and undisguised excitement, we would like to officially announce the second edition of recruitment for the Artistic Residence program – Stage New Situations (Scena Nowe Sytuacje), which is one of the programming foundations of The Contemporary  Theater (Teatr Współczesny) in Szczecin.

Given our understanding of how dynamically the language of theater is changing, as well as the surrounding reality in which we work, we provide artists with a safe space. One, where they can search for their own paths and directions of development. At the same time, they will gain the opportunity to experience cooperation with the institution.

The Artistic Residence Stage New Situations (Scena Nowe Sytuacje) is something more than just the possibility of creating a performance, grafika do II edycji Rezydencji Artystycznej Scena Nowe Sytuacje. Napisy w języku angielskim or any other original performative activity. Project beneficiaries will participate in a several-month-long process of work preparation, as part of a specially organized master workshop with the support of tutors of their own selection.

We are preparing the current edition in cooperation with none other than the legendary Munich Kammerspiele Theater. Our special thanks go to the support of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, which resulted in a collaboration between an international group of curators. During several months of work, our residents met, among others with Florian Malzacher, Olivia Hyunsin Kim, Agnieszka Polska and Małgorzata Wdowik. In the final, they will take a residency trip to Munich. In the next edition, we will also be looking for opportunities to promote projects created as part of the Residence, not only in Poland, but abroad as well. We will be seeking to establish contacts with Polish and foreign performative artists.

As you may recall, we directed the first edition of the Residence to debuting artists. This year we have been presented with new challenges that we cannot be indifferent to. Therefore, we decided that it would be an honor to dedicate the first (spring) residence to artists from Ukraine who, due to the prevailing war situation, have been incapacitated from creating and working in their profession. For those interested in applying for the autumn residence, this year we will be lifting the previously adopted restrictions. However, we would like to mention that the projects of creators who are at the beginning of their artistic journey will be the most preferable. The project’s attribute of internationality implies that an advanced knowledge of the English language is required from all residents.

The residence has no specific theme or rigid framework. We have made the utmost effort to ensure that the application form is as simplified as can be. Each creative person or collectives may submit a maximum of one project.

This includes proposals previously created for the needs of other competitions and programs (provided that they have not already been implemented). We see it fit that we leave it in the hands of the creators to tell their own story.

We cordially invite all creators to send in the projects of their dreams!

Jakub Skrzywanek, project curator


Project completion dates:

1st project: April – June 2023, 2nd project: September – November 2023


The Contemporary Theater (Teatr Współczesny) in Szczecin

We offer:

– staging a performance or a cyclical performative event with a total budget of PLN 80,000 gross (including remuneration for the project beneficiary in the amount of PLN 15,000 gross, paid in the form of a specific task contract or a fixed-term employment contract);
– at least 2 master workshops for work development during the project;
– support from an external tutor of their own choice;
– promotion of the performance and project beneficiaries in Poland and abroad;
– institutional support for authors and creators, as well as preparation for further work in the field of public institutions.


Required form of project submission:

In order to submit a project to the Artistic Residence, fill in the application form in Polish or in English and an attachment with the GDPR clause and send the signed documents by e-mail (scans) by September 15, 2022.

Please send your applications to the following address:


Rules and other documents of the second edition download here:
– Rules od the second edition Artistic Residence Stage New Situations [PL] [ENG] [UA]
– Application card [PL] [ENG]
– Information about the Data Administrator [PL] [ENG]