Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • reżyseria: Marek Pasieczny
Two girls with surprised expressions on their faces
Zegar130 MIN

A stage adaptation of the most famous novel of the 20th century for children and young people. 11-year-old Anne is taken in by childless siblings Maryla and Matthew. Although they initially wanted a boy, it soon turns out that it was Anne Shirley who was to change their lives completely. A rebellious, stubborn girl, gifted with an extraordinary imagination, she causes a lot of trouble for herself and Green Gables...


Realizatorki i realizatorzy

  • tłumaczenie: Joanna Gorecka-Kalita
  • adaptacja: Joanna Gorecka-Kalita, Marek Pasieczny
  • reżyseria: Marek Pasieczny
  • scenografia: Ryszard Warcholiński
  • kostiumy: Anna Sekuła
  • muzyka: Robert Łuczak
  • ruch sceniczny: Arkadiusz Buszko
  • reżyseria światła: Krzysztof Sendke
  • asystentka reżysera: Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska


The author of the poster is Oliwia Ziębińska.


  • "It's a story that's not so much moving as it is grotesquely funny, crazy, and at times so absurd that after watching it, only the sunniest childhood memories pass under the eyelids of the audience. Pasieczny's performance, which adapted the book in collaboration with Joanna Gorecka-Kalita, turned out to be a very enjoyable and captivating story, free of saccharine, close to my personal perspective".
    – Agnieszka Moroz


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