Be like Beata

Być jak Beata
  • direction: Magda Miklasz
An actress with a microphone blowing a kiss.
Zegar140 MIN

A musical show like never before. A performance that moved and amused Beata Kozidrak herself to tears. The audience is enthralled by the arrangements of BAJM's hits and the hilarious acting, which gives them a new, often surprising meaning.



  • idea: Piotr Domalewski
  • script: Piotr Domalewski, Żelisław Żelisławski
  • dramaturgy: Żelisław Żelisławski
  • direction: Magda Miklasz
  • musical arrangements and vocal preparation: Tomasz Lewandowski
  • scenography: Mirek Kaczmarek
  • costumes: Hanka Podraza
  • light direction: Piotr Nykowski
  • charakteryzacja: Sylwia Kaźmierowska-Kowalik
  • assistant to the director: Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska

Anything is possible in theatre, even the most inconspicuous retired policeman, a nun or the owner of a kebab bistro can "be like Beata". We invite ordinary girls, stage beasts and modest sensitives, everyone - we will satisfy even the most demanding. If you are yourself and fulfil your dreams, you can do anything - including "be like Beata"! Just come and experience it for yourself.


  • „Prestige 2019”  statuette awarded by the Szczecin Prestige magazine in the „Event” category.

Plakat do spektaklu. Grafika-kolaż złożona z kwiatów, ust, zdjęcia oka.

Poster design: Ola Zielińska, photo: Tomasz Kajszczarek


  • "I haven't had so much fun and laughter in a long time. I often watch comedies, but in none of them have I experienced as many emotions as in this performance. There was no shortage of smiles and irony, but most importantly, there were very wise themes that concern us all".
    – Beata Kozidrak
  • "Glam-pop fun in which Poles, without shame or a sense of inferiority compared to the great West, sing out their dreams, fears, and frustrations".
    – Dawid Dudko
  • "To Be Like Beata proves, however, that it's not about the complexity (...), but about its execution. In Szczecin, it's masterful. Masterful thanks to the combination of creative forces and the ingenuity of the creators under the leadership of Magda Miklasz, but above all thanks to the actors of the Współczesny Theater, who give an impressive display of their talents and craftsmanship. It's even difficult to express here just how marvelous are the successive entrances on stage of Maria Dąbrowska, Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska, Arkadiusz Buszka, and Maciej Litkowski".
    – Mike Urbaniak


Kobieta występuje na oświetlonej scenie.