Touch for touch. Dansing

Dotyk za dotyk. Dansing
  • koncepcja i choreografia: Katarzyna Sikora
Hands passing a note.
Zegar90 MIN

Imagine you're at a dance club... What captures your attention? What intimidates you? What embarrasses you? What motivates and compels you to touch another person? Does it have to be desire? Perhaps it's affection, kindness, or nurturing? Or maybe it's absence and longing? What happens when an irresistible desire and longing for touch arise that cannot be fulfilled?

Realizatorki i realizatorzy

  • koncepcja i choreografia: Katarzyna Sikora
  • tekst: Michał Buszewicz
  • muzyka: Kamil Tuszyński
  • przestrzeń i światło: Aleksandr Prowaliński
  • współpraca dramaturgiczna: Maria Stokłosa, Michał Buszewicz
  • asystent choreografki: Adam Kuzycz-Berezowski
  • inspicjentka: Magdalena Kaźmierska

Sly glances and winks, dance moves and social games, love songs, flirting, and jesting. There's also room for melancholy here.

We want to revive the idea of "dancing in pairs" – a direct connection and looking into each other's eyes. Shared dancing, empathy, and harmony are the foundation of this event for us. Will we be able to create a "one-night community," just for that evening? What role will our guests assume when they come to join us?

We invite you to an intergenerational edition of dancing in the theater. Champagne-fueled fun, a riot of colors and a touch of dance, the disco ball's shimmer, drinks, and snacks are the components of our meeting in the year 2023. Let's whirl in a dance embrace, let the floor tremble, let the spotlights shine, and the dance floor ignite with the fire of our bodies. Long live the ball! Following the thought of Erin Manning: "Touch generates an event, touch creates an happening". Shall we dance?

For Dansing, we recommend wearing comfortable dance attire and shoes.

Premiere as part of the artistic residency New Situations Stage.

Theatrical Podcast: Less words, more movement – a conversation with Katarzyna Sikora, choreographer, and creator of the concept for the performance "Touch for Touch. Dansing" (conversation in Polish)

Plakat do spektaklu. Dłonie podające sobie kartkę.

Photo by Daniel Rumiancew, layout by Pełnia Studio


  • the performance shown at the 43rd Warsaw Theatrical Encounters

Songs or their excerpts used in the performance:

Justyna Steczkowska – „Oko za oko”
F.R. David – „Words”
Skaldowie – „Twą jasną widzę twarz”
UB40 – „(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You”
Anna Jantar – „Nic nie może wiecznie trwać”
Jeanette – „Porque Te Vas”
Sly & The Family Stone – „Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”
Irena Jarocka – „Witajcie w moim świecie”
Desireless – „Voyage Voyage”
Magneto – „Vuela, Vuela”
Breakout – „Powiedzmy to”
Mira Kubasińska & Breakout – „W co mam wierzyć”
Ornella Vanoni – „Immagina Che…”
Bemibem – „Podaruj mi trochę słońca”
Andrzej Zaucha – „Byłaś serca biciem”
Elvis Presley – „Can’t Help Falling In Love”


  • "On the dance floor, just like in a mirror, the joys and sorrows of the contemporary world and the people marked by this world are reflected. The lyrics of the songs that make up the playlist of the theatrical dance floor also speak of this (…) Touch by touch. Dansing is not exactly a play, it's not even a performance or a happening. It's a form that doesn't have a name yet. It's an ephemeral hybrid... Ephemeral because everything that happens there is phenomenally transient, and a hybrid because it combines many seemingly distant forms: theater, dancing, banquet, date... It's an extraordinary game of creators and performers with the audience".
    – Daniel Źródlewski, Prestiż magazyn szczeciński
  • "Between sentimental nostalgia for the past and the need to create an affirmative, unburdened space for dance and fun, the creators of the event Touch by Touch. Dansing invite the audience to explore openness to movement, improvisation, and integration".
    – Natalia Karpińska, Teatr dla wszystkich


Zamyślona blondynka na tle migoczącej ściany. Przed nią widoczne rozmazane głowy.