King of the monsters

Michał Kmiecik, Król potworów
  • reżyseria: Marcin Liber
Mężczyzna w garniturze wkłada sobie pistolet w usta.
Zegar210 MIN

Based on the unfinished drama "On the Edge"

Is it possible to talk about the end of the world in a cheerful and detached way? Inspired by monster movies and science fiction literature, the play directed by Marcin Liber based on a script by Michał Kmiecik deals with the subject of the coming catastrophe and its consequences in an unconventional way.

Obsada AKT I. WROCŁAW 1969

Obsada AKT II. ʃʧ̑ɛʨ̑ĩn 2050

Realizatorzy i realizatorki

  • reżyseria: Marcin Liber
  • scenografia: Mirek Kaczmarek
  • kostiumy: Grupa Mixer
  • muzyka: Filip Kaniecki/MNSL
  • ruch sceniczny: Hashimotowiksa
  • wideo: Roman Przylipiak, Błażej Kanclerz
  • asystent reżysera: Wojciech Sandach

Beginning in the 1960s in a banquet situation, the action of the play moves in the second part of the play to the not-too-distant future. In this reality, after radical climate change and Poland's defeat in the Polish-American War, one day a group of ex-soldiers meet to go on their first hunting trip after the war. However, there is something strange hiding in the forest....

Plakat do spektaklu. Mężczyzna z gołą klatką piersiową z zimnym ogniem w dłoni, w gumowych rękawicach i gumowym hełmie na głowie.

poster design: Ola Zielińska, photo by Karolina Babińska

The play took part in the 27th National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art.


  • „A comedy about the end of the world. Supposedly science fiction, supposedly about the future, supposedly about monsters, but actually rather about contemporary Poland, Polish traumas and complexes. And about how badly a world invented and controlled by white men works. Referring to pop culture, the staging has a lot of momentum: Mirek Kaczmarek's set design is almost monumental, the collective scenes - full of dynamics. The production makes a strong statement with eye-catching details such as the Mormon sermon scene and several highly memorable roles”.
    – instagram guldapoleca


Grupa ludzi tańczy w kostiumach inspirowanych końcem lat 60.