Defence of Socrates: a guest performance

Starszy mężczyzna w swetrze unosi palec do góry.

A feast for lovers of the classics. Plato's written down defence speech of Socrates, delivered during his trial in which he was accused of impiety and depravity of youth. The crystal clear logic of the speech, the beauty of the language and the universal questions that are still relevant today.


  • translation: prof. Ryszard Legutko
  • adaptation, artistic and musical concept, direction and performance: Marian Dworakowski

What price are we prepared to pay for proclaiming our own beliefs? What are the consequences of people acting in this way in the modern world? How to teach and educate without using demagogy? An edifying, subtly witty piece of theatre performed by the master of words Marian Dworakowski.

Spectacle produced as part of the Szczecin Creative Scholarship.

If you would like to organise a screening of 'The Defence of Socrates' on or off-site, please contact the Contemporary Theatre's Audience Services Office: tel. 91 489 23 23, [email protected].

Plakat do spektaklu. Starszy mężczyzna w swetrze.

composition: Ludwika Hawryszuk, photo by Piotr Nykowski


Starszy siwy mężczyzna wyciąga rękę.