The Trip

Zenon Fajfer, Odlot
  • reżyseria: Anna Augustynowicz
Niebieskie tło, trzy rzędy foteli, na których siedzą aktorzy.
Zegar90 MIN

Passengers and passengers of the Famous Airlines Former Heroes take to the skies. However, the title 'Departure' is not just an account of a sky journey, but above all a story about the national state of mind - after the Smolensk catastrophe and the collective nightmares of recent years.



Realizatorki i realizatorzy

  • reżyseria: Anna Augustynowicz
  • scenografia : Marek Braun
  • kostiumy: Tomasz Armada, Martyna Konieczny
  • muzyka: Jacek Wierzchowski
  • wideo: Wojciech Kapela
  • ruch sceniczny: Zbigniew Szymczyk
  • reżyseria światła: Krzysztof Sendke
  • asystent reżysera: Adam Kuzycz-Berezowski
  • asystentka scenografa: Karolina Babińska

The innovative form of this story introduces the viewer to the theatre of a book liberated from all conventions, in the spirit of liberature - a trend of contemporary literary avant-garde initiated by its author.

In the afterword to the book Departure, Dariusz Kosinski wrote:

"Müller once said that the best text for theatre is one for which a suitable theatre does not yet exist. A text that challenges, itself with curiosity to see what will happen to it on stage. Having observed Polish theatre over the years, both stably institutional and independently ephemeral and still searching, I am convinced that many of the artists and companies operating within it can respond to the challenge of 'Departure' [...]."

Teatr Współczesny in Szczecin is the first to respond to this challenge.


- Grand Prix of the 28th National Competition for the Staging of Polish Contemporary Art
- Konrad Swinarski Award for Best Director in the 2021/2022 season to Anna Augustynowicz for directing "Departure"
- Best Performance of the XXVIII International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Plays (audience award)
- Amber Ring: best performance of the 2021/2022 season
- performance presented at the 42nd Warsaw Theatre Meetings
- performance presented in the main competition INFERNO at the 15th edition of the Divine Comedy Festival in Krakow
- performance presented at the Grudziądz Theatre Spring (2023)

Plakat do spektaklu. Grafika z napisami "Odlot"

project: Karolina Babińska

Excerpts from the following works were quoted in the performance:

„Fortepian Szopena” Cyprian Kamil Norwid
„Moja piosnka” Cyprian Kamil Norwid
„Pierwszy maja” Władysław Broniewski
„Ślub” Witold Gombrowicz
„Wesele” Stanisław Wyspiański
„Wyzwolenie” Stanisław Wyspiański


  • „It is amazing how many Polish national traumas can be fitted into one performance, shouted out with vulgar and hateful remarks and garnished with the poetry of the Polish Romantics. Departure, directed by Anna Augustynowicz, is densely packed with meanings. It is a flight in which it is impossible to stop”.
    – Małgorzata Klimczak, Dziennik Teatralny
  • „I advise you to fasten your seatbelts tightly and carefully, because the flight will be extremely turbulent, as befits the in-depth anatomy of the Polish soul, stretched between romantic myth and mediocre reality. For the aeroplane is laden, though it would be fairer to say overloaded, with excess baggage of national traumas, cracks (...)”.
    – Tomasz Mlącki, Dziennik Teatralny
  • „This performance is a must see. It unfolds slowly, Augustynowicz does not cut with an axe like Smarzowski or Słobodzianek, but subtly but emphatically tells what we have been through and what we are still struggling with”.
    – Tomasz Dostatni, Monitor Szczeciński


Mężczyzna z twarzą pomalowaną na biało unosi kciuk do góry. Za nim widoczny rząd siedzeń.