Tower made of bricks

Wieża z klocków, Katarzyna Kotowska
  • direction: Arkadiusz Buszko
Kobieta stoi naprzeciw wiezy z drewnianych klocków.
Zegar60 MIN

An extraordinary and at the same time ordinary story. A play about one of the most beautiful instincts, which is the desire to be with and for someone. A surprising, unique theatrical form, where a unique world is created in front of the audience's eyes, the kind of world that only those closest to each other can create around them.


  • Magdalena Myszkiewicz
  • Voices of children in the play: Wojciech Bis, Zuzanna Bis, Anna Bukowska, Maria Bukowska, Stanisław Bylewski, Helena Lenczewska, Wojciech Lenczewski, Pola Nowak, Karolina Piątkowska, Tomasz Piątkowski


  • scenario and performance: Magdalena Myszkiewicz
  • direction: Arkadiusz Buszko
  • scenography: Agnieszka Miluniec, Maciej Osmycki
  • visuals: Pani Pawlosky
  • sound: Dominik Diling
  • lights: Piotr Nykowski

The production is a co-production of the Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin, the Mam Dom Foundation and Sceny Wspólnej in Poznan.

Plakat do spektaklu. Grafika przedstawiająca drewniane klocki.

Project:  AVG STUDIO


  • „Magical. Truly thought-provoking. Opening heads and hearts”.
  • „The monodrama attempts to disenchant the subject, it shows the stereotypes that for years have destroyed the possibility of addressing the issue with dignity in a forum. Fear, ignorance, envy, the desire to hurt another person with malice... As long as adoption remains within the realm of taboo, adoptive parents and their children will not be able to count on human kindness”.
    – Unter Frauen (a German-Polish magazine published in Szczecin)


Kobieta siedzi po turecku na drewnianych klockach.