• reżyseria, choreografia: Aleksandra Matlingiewicz
  • adaptacja, muzyka, reżyseria: Jacek Sotomski
Kobieta w barokowej sukni stoi na balonie i patrzy na pastelowe bloki.
Zegar50 MIN

Based on Malcolm XD's 'Pastrami'.

Can the internet be performed on stage? And in the form of a baroque opera?

Realizatorki i realizatorzy

  • reżyseria, choreografia: Aleksandra Matlingiewicz
  • adaptacja, muzyka, reżyseria: Jacek Sotomski
  • konsultacja dramaturgiczna: Piotr Wawer jr
  • scenografia, wideo, przestrzeń wizualna: Eternal Engine (Martix Navrot, Jagoda Wójtowicz)
  • kostiumy: Mikołaj Dziedzic
  • asystentka reżyserów: Joanna Matuszak
  • inspicjentka: Magdalena Kaźmierska

XD... is a musical performance based on the lyrics of the internet's most mysterious author, Malcolm XD. His short, absurd, ironic stories have won the hearts of millenials, and have recently received film adaptations by Netflix and Canal+.

In a mouldy basement in a block of flats, a housing community meets. A meeting about revitalising the lift unexpectedly turns into a brawl, the course of which looks suspiciously familiar.

Will we ever be able to break free from the vicious circle of disputes and settlements?


Malcolm XD's staging of 'Pastrami' refers in form to the Baroque musical-scene genre of dramma per musica.

Premiered as part of the second edition of the Scena New Situations artistic residency.

Plakat do spektaklu "XD. Dramma per musica". Na balkonie, w sukni barokowej stoi kobieta i patrzy na kolorowe bloki.

photo by Daniel Rumiancew, poster design: Pełnia Studio

Hubert Sulima was the artistic residency tutor for the performance.


The play is taking part in the 30th National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art.



The National Competition for the Staging of Polish Contemporary Art aims at rewarding the most interesting repertoire search in Polish theatre, supporting native dramaturgy in its stage productions and popularising Polish contemporary drama. The Competition is organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw.

In the first stage of the Competition, the performances are evaluated by the Artistic Committee consisting of: Jacek Sieradzki (chairman), Dominik Gac, Piotr Hildt, Anna Jazgarska, Szymon Kazimierczak, Andrzej Lis, Wanda Świątkowska.



  • „The mundanity of the subject matter mixed with a camp, baroque and operatic form produces surprising results and entertains in a bittersweet way (...) A microcosm of the absurd”.
    – Małgorzata Klimczak, Dziennik Teatralny (go to source)
  • „It is an uncompromising satire on modernity and contemporaries - unabashedly true, juicily honest, and brilliantly absurd at the same time”.
    – Daniel Źródlewski, Teksty Żródłowe (go to source)


Grupa osób w ekscentrycznych strojach balowanych pozuje do zdjęcia. W środku młody mężczyzna w sukni.